Fibre Optic Lease

What is a fibre optic lease? It’s a land lease that gives a telecom or other company the permission to run fibre optic cabling across your property, or construct a fibre optic data center on your property in exchange for continuous rent payments during the length of the lease.

How are fibre optic leases valued? The value depends on how critical the fibre optic are to a given network, the types of fibre optic cable used and the location of the property.

If you receive rent for a fibre optic lease, a fibre optic data center or any other type of fibre optic asset on your property, LDC Infrastructure is interested in speaking with you about your lease to determine whether your site qualifies for a lease rights acquisition. If your site meets our criteria, we’ll pay you a significant lump sum cash payment in exchange for your lease rights.

Why should you sell your fibre optic lease rights? If you’re in immediate need of cash to cover a critical financial responsibility, you can sell your fibre optic lease to LDC Infrastructure for a significant lump sum cash payment to meet your need. If you don’t need cash at the moment, but are interested in other investments that you can pursue with the proceeds from selling your lease rights, then you should consider a fibre optic lease buyout.


Even if you don’t need cash right now, doesn’t it make sense to know the value of your lease rights? If your site meets our criteria, we can provide you with a no obligation analysis and valuation. Please call us at 1300 149 449 or
click here to submit your information online so that we may contact you.