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LDC Infrastructure is the leading Australian company specialising in the acquisition of ground leases for telecommunications, outdoor advertising, and renewable energy assets.

With unparalleled experience, we have acquired over 500 leases, and deployed more than $120 million. We stand as the foremost authority in offering property owners premium value for their leases.

Our ongoing partnerships with trusted, industry-leading legal and business partners ensure a seamless and efficient transaction process, providing property owners with significant payouts and reduced risks.

At LDC Infrastructure, we empower clients by transforming unsecured lease rights into substantial cash payments, fostering long-term value and financial flexibility.

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10+ year track record of conducting business in Australia

Over $100m
in transactions completed

Trusted legal partners:
Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Trusted business partners empowering clients

Why LDC Infrastructure?

A Fair Value

We understand and recognise the fair value of your lease rights. Unlike traditional lenders who often do not place a value on telecom, wind turbine or billboard leases, we see the value in these assets. We have worked with many property owners just like you, and we have the expertise you require.

A High Payout

Our customised structures and tailored solutions let us provide you with a significant payout which reflects the true value of your lease. Once a purchase is complete, you receive a lump-sum payment in full, allowing you to turn your unsecured lease into cash that can be used for any purpose.

A Reduction in Risk

Most ground leases can be terminated at any time with short notice. You can eliminate this risk by selling your lease for an upfront cash payment. You only transfer certain lease rights to us, not your property. You retain ownership of your land so you can build long-term value and net worth.

“Having agreed to sell the process was seamlessly hassle free. Once I provided the necessary information on which to build the contract it was rapidly processed and the funds were delivered in full, into my account as promised, and actually faster than expected. ”


“The overall experience of dealing with LDC Infrastructure from our first conversation, right through to closing the transaction was effortless and enjoyable. Daniel was fantastic to deal with and I would highly recommend LDC to anyone considering selling infrastructure assets.”


“Daniel Francis contacted us and explained the LDC proposal in detail and answered every question we had. Thank you Daniel for everything.”


“We have recently sold our interest in a Telstra tower to LDC Infrastructure. Daniel handled the transaction, supporting us throughout the entire process in a most courteous and professional manner. We would not hesitate to recommend LDC to anyone contemplating selling their lease. ”


“We have been dealing with LDC for several months and find them very professional and friendly. They follow up matters and return calls promptly. I would recommend them highly. 5 Star rating! Cheers LDC”


“They made sure I was always informed of what was happening and were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thank you LDC infrastructure for your help through the sale process and thank you Daniel - without you I am certain there would not have been a sale!”


“Recently completed a transaction with LDC. It all went smoothly and their staff and solicitors were easy to deal with.”


“Their communication was excellent, as were their persistent efforts assisting us in gaining the necessary approvals from our financier over a protracted period. Special mention must be made of Daniel Francis who facilitated the initial negotiation and the entire sale process - thanks! It was a pleasure dealing with him.”


“When selling our tower lease, Harley McKenzie from LDC was a pleasure to deal with. Extremely professional and easy to speak with, explaining the process so we had a full understanding of how things were to be done to achieve value along with a seamless transaction. I would highly recommend the team at LDC.”


“We have been contacted by LDC Infrastructure for years approaching on the sale of the Vodafone lease. Harley McKenzie answered all our queries and doubts and was always contactable to have this deal closed successfully. We highly recommend partnering with LDC Infrastructure on any lease sale transaction.”


“We found their staff to be very helpful. Their solicitors were very good and all went smoothly.”


“I needed to sell the lease on the tower on my property because an urgent need for funds arose in my family. The contract was clear, easy to understand, and examined closely by my lawyer. The paperwork was finalised and the money was in my account within a few days. I am happy to recommend working with LDC Infrastructure.”


“I found the experience of selling our tower lease to LDC Infrastructure very rewarding, and highly efficient. LDC handled all our enquiries concisely and professionaly.The sale was handled quickly, and without delays. A very satisfactory result!”


“We recently completed a sale of leases to LDC Infrastructure. We found them to be extremely professional in their communication and advice. I would particularly like to thank Harley for his efforts in achieving an equitable outcome for both parties. I highly recommend the team at LDC”


“I recently completed the sale of an NBN lease to LDC. I highly recommend the company.I have contacted them on numerous occasions during the process and they have always been honest and forthcoming on all matters.”


“I recently sold my interest in a Telstra tower to LDC Infrastructure. The transaction was handled in a friendly, professional and efficient manner and I highly recommend the company.”


“Spoke with LDC they were very helpful with regards to an offer from Optus. Even though we are not selling a lease at the moment, I will certainly contact them in the future if anything changes.”


“I was approached by LDC as they were interested in the tower lease on my property. We didn't proceed to do business together, but the professionalism and honesty by the company was well received. They weren't pushy at all. I would do business with LDC in the future.”


“Over a number of years LDC patiently entertained quantitative analysis and composed numerous iterations of the various options of a proposal. They provided relevant information regardless of whether any transaction would ultimately occur. We appreciate the time and effort from the team over the years.”


“Having successfully worked with Harley and LDC Infrastructure for a number of years, across a number of projects, we look forward to continuing the relationship and would gladly endorse his skills.”


“We have completed a number of projects with LDC Infrastructure and we are always impressed with their professionalism. We wanted to leave a few words here to leave our recommendation and high regard for the team at LDC. Thanks again for all of your help.”


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