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Lease Buyout Transactions

At LDC Infrastructure, we close lease rights buyout transactions quickly and efficiently – typically in 30 - 90 days. Our team has years of experience in the infrastructure-lease industry in legal, underwriting, closing, and servicing transactions. This means you benefit from our expertise, knowledge, and transparency.

A Three Stage Process

1. Initial Review

Our team works with you to complete an assessment of your site. We conduct a comprehensive analysis and review of factors such as site location, tenant, site type, rental rate, lease structure, comparable rent market analysis, area demographics, and more. There is no charge for our consultation, and no obligation on your part.

2. Detailed Proposal

We map out the details of converting your lease rights into a lump-sum payment, and provide you with a comprehensive, tailored proposal that includes the terms that will address your specialised needs. We provide guidance every step of the way, answering your questions and ensuring that the process is as transparent, easy, and efficient as possible.

3. Closing and Funding

A dedicated team will be assigned to conduct due diligence and then process, document, and finalise your transaction. You will always know exactly where your transaction stands and what we are doing to complete it. We work hard to create an easy and straightforward closing process which is simple, efficient, and satisfying for our clients.

Telco Leases

Telecommunication (telco) leases offer property owners a unique opportunity to monetise their land or rooftops by hosting telco towers. These leases are agreements between property owners and wireless telco providers, allowing the installation and operation of telco towers on the property for a predetermined term. The property owner receives regular rent payments, which can be structured monthly, quarterly, or annually, in exchange for the right granted to the telco operator to maintain and operate the tower.

LDC Infrastructure leverages its extensive experience in the industry to assess the value of telco leases comprehensively. The company recognises the critical nature of these locations for maintaining wireless network coverage, which often goes undervalued by traditional lending institutions. By understanding the strategic importance of each site—factoring in site location, tenant quality, lease structure, and area demographics—LDC offers property owners fair and substantial valuations for their leases.

The process of determining the placement of new telco towers involves meticulous planning by radio frequency engineers, who aim to ensure optimal network coverage. The rental rates for these leases are influenced by the tower's significance in maintaining or enhancing network performance in the area, making some locations highly valuable. LDC Infrastructure's approach to telco leases emphasises recognising and rewarding this value, offering property owners significant payouts that reflect the true worth of their lease, converting what might be considered an unsecured lease into immediate cash flow that can be utilised for a wide range of purposes.

Billboard Leases

Billboard ground leases are a specific arrangement between outdoor advertising companies and property owners for the construction and operation of advertising billboards. This type of lease allows for the placement of billboards on real property, ensuring that advertisements reach a wide audience through high-traffic locations. Whether situated in bustling urban centers or along rural highways, the positioning of these billboards is crucial for maximising visibility and, consequently, marketing effectiveness to both motorists and pedestrians.

LDC Infrastructure understands the unique value proposition billboard leases offer to property owners. By leveraging prime locations, property owners can secure a steady income stream from rent payments, which are determined by the site's visibility and the volume of traffic it attracts. The higher the traffic, the more valuable the lease, leading to potentially higher rent payments.

Our considerable expertise with billboard ground leases enables us to consider many factors, such as the billboard's size, the duration of the lease agreement, and the location's advertising potential. Our approach is tailored to ensure that you will receive a fair and lucrative payout for your lease, reflecting the true value of your land’s contribution to the advertising ecosystem, thereby maximising your financial flexibility and security.

Wind Turbine Leases

LDC Infrastructure excels in acquiring existing wind turbine leases, offering property owners an unparalleled opportunity to capitalise on their current renewable energy agreements. Our deep understanding of the renewable energy market, combined with a comprehensive evaluation methodology, positions us to recognise and maximise the intrinsic value of your wind turbine leases. We focus on several key factors, including turbine size, lease terms, location, and the underlying Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), to determine the most advantageous valuation for your lease.

Our expertise lies in our ability to assess the future revenue potential of wind turbines, considering factors such as energy output, operational efficiency, and the strategic importance of the location in the energy grid. Larger turbines and those situated in prime locations typically generate higher electricity output, making them more valuable. The stability and duration of the PPA further enhance the lease's value by ensuring a consistent revenue stream from the electricity generated.

By choosing LDC Infrastructure to sell your wind turbine lease, you're not just liquidating an asset; you're engaging with a partner who recognises the true value of your ground lease. Our tailored approach ensures you receive a significant payout that reflects the asset’s real current value, providing you with immediate financial liquidity. The transaction can allows you to unlock the financial potential of your land, offering a lump-sum payment that can be reinvested or used to meet other financial goals, all while retaining ownership of your property.

You can trust LDC Infrastructure to navigate the complexities of wind turbine lease acquisition, guaranteeing a smooth, efficient, and rewarding process that maximises your return.

Solar Farm Leases

LDC Infrastructure offers a specialised and compelling proposition for property owners with existing solar farm leases, emphasising our unique methodology and expertise in maximising the value of these renewable energy assets. Our approach to acquiring solar leases is rooted in a deep understanding of the solar energy market, combined with a meticulous evaluation process that considers the specific characteristics and potential of the solar project on your land.

Key factors in our evaluation include the scale of the solar installation, its location, the amount of sunlight the property receives, proximity to necessary infrastructure like roads and grid connection points, and the terrain's suitability for solar energy production. Additionally, the terms of the lease agreement, including the duration and the rent structure—whether fixed or variable based on energy production—play a significant role in our valuation process. These elements are crucial in determining the efficiency and output of the solar farm, which directly impacts the value of your underlying ground lease.

By choosing to sell your solar farm ground lease or real property to LDC Infrastructure, you benefit from our ability to accurately assess and recognise the true value of your solar assets. Our proposition is not just about purchasing your lease; it is about providing you with a substantial lump-sum payment that reflects the optimal value of your investment, offering immediate financial liquidity and the freedom to reinvest or fulfill other financial objectives. This process is streamlined and efficient, ensuring that you, as the property owner, can capitalise on the growing demand for renewable energy without the ongoing responsibilities associated with lease management.

LDC Infrastructure's commitment to renewable energy and our expertise in the solar lease market make us the ideal partner for property owners looking to unlock the financial potential of your property, ensuring that the transaction is smooth, transparent, and highly beneficial.

Partner with us to transform your solar lease into a powerful financial asset, reflective of its critical place in the renewable energy ecosystem.

Fibre Optic Leases

It’s a land lease that gives a telecom or other company the permission to run fibre optic cabling across your property, or construct a fibre optic data center on your property in exchange for continuous rent payments during the length of the lease.

The value depends on how critical the fibre optic are to a given network, the types of fibre optic cable used and the location of the property.

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