Billboard Lease

What is a billboard lease? It’s the agreement between an outdoor advertising company and a property owner that allows for an advertising billboard to be constructed and operated on the land, and remain in place for a set period of time as determined by the lease.

How are billboard leases valued? Whether it’s a rural or urban property, billboard companies rely on prime locations to display their advertising messages to create as many marketing impressions as possible to motorists and pedestrians. Typically the higher the traffic, the more a property owner will be paid in rent to lease their land.

If you receive rent for a billboard on your property, LDC Infrastructure is interested in speaking to you. If your site meets our criteria, we will purchase your billboard lease rights for a significant lump sum cash payment.

Billboard lease rights acquisitions are an important and growing part of our business. As Australia’s first company to acquire billboard leases, LDC Infrastructure meets with thousands of property owners every year to determine if a billboard lease buyout makes sense for them.

Why should you sell your billboard lease rights? The decision to sell your billboard lease may be driven by the need to cover an immediate and critical financial obligation. Others sell their lease rights in order to invest the proceeds in securities, real estate or other opportunity.

You can realise the hidden value of your billboard lease with an immediate cash payment from LDC Infrastructure in exchange for your lease rights.


Even if you don’t need cash right now, doesn’t it make sense to know the value of your lease rights? If your site meets our criteria, we can provide you with a no obligation analysis and valuation. Please call us at 1300 149 449 or
click here to submit your information online so that we may contact you.