Golf Club Pleased with Telecom Lease Assignment

Roseville Golf Club has just completed a very successful set of negotiations with LDC Infrastructure for a lease assignment of a telecommunications tower on Roseville Golf Club freehold property. The details of the transaction were complex, and Roseville and LDC had to work very closely together and with a large element of trust and good faith on both sides to ensure the various issues were properly addressed for both.

The team from LDC were very professional and extremely committed and efficient in all of our dealings. This lead to the transaction being completed in a very timely manner. The response from the U.S. parent company was always constructive and understanding of the different legal jurisdictions. The professional legal support in Australia worked closely and in a productive manner with Roseville Golf Club lawyers. The outcome of this is a partnership that will continue to work successfully and collaboratively for many, many years. This has also allowed Roseville Golf Club to focus on its core business of running a quality golf club for the benefit of its members, rather than managing a piece of telecommunications infrastructure.

Noel Robertson
General Manager
Roseville Golf Club