About Us

Landmark Dividend LLC is one of the nation’s largest and most successful ground lease acquisition companies. We provide value, capital and liquidity to qualified property owners who lease their property for cell towers, billboards, wind turbines, utility-scale solar farms and fiber optic networks.

Landmark Dividend is the General Partner of its publicly-traded subsidiary, Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP. Landmark Infrastructure Partners was formed to acquire, own and manage a portfolio of real property interests leased to companies in the wireless communication, outdoor advertising and renewable power generation industries. Landmark Infrastructure Partners is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol LMRK; more information can be found at www.landmarkmlp.com.

Whether you have a ground lease for a billboard that has been in your family for generations, a cell site with one or multiple wireless tenants, or hold a lease to renewable energy asset or fiber optic cables, we understand that your asset is important to you and generates income. Yet with the uncertain financial climate and ever-changing regulatory environment, you may be questioning the potential risks of relying on the income from these assets.

What if you could get the liquidity you need in a lump-sum cash payout – right now? What if you had the upfront cash to invest in another real estate asset or business, send your kids to college, fund your retirements, pay off your mortgage or explore other opportunities? With our capital solutions, you can! Landmark Dividend can help you maximize the value of your property today in order to secure your future. We have a passion for creating value for property owners just like you. It’s our only business. Please call us at 1-800-843-2024 or click here to submit your information online so that we may contact you.