The growing need for renewable energy resources

With the growing need for renewable energy resources amid growing populations, costs and increasing awareness about the climate change in recent months, Australia is desperate to make progress in this space.

While the need for investment in this space grows, it has been reported in mainstream media that “investment in large-scale clean energy projects plunged 56 per cent in Australia last year, dropping to its lowest level since 2016 amid renewed uncertainty over the industry's future,” (Source: SMH).

LDC Infrastructure, with its parent company in the US (Landmark Dividend) is backed by a global investment fund worth around $1 Billion and has set its sights on helping finance the renewables sector in Australia to ensure growth, rather than the current downward trend is achieved.

Harley Mackenzie (LDC Infrastructure’s Head of Operations) says “If the extreme weather events in Australia in recent times, from bushfires and draughts to flooding and heat waves isn’t enough for industry to respond to the public’s cry for progress on Climate Change, then I don’t know what is. Renewable energy projects are no longer a creative experiment, they are a strategic imperative."

This trend is reminiscent of what’s taken place in the US renewables landscape, where developers finally realised that if they could obtain the right financing, Renewables projects were a strategic boost for the economy and the industry. But most of all it is the people that win with improved sources for energy and better long-term prospects to fight climate change and provide them with economically viable solutions with long term sustainability.