Queensland Government bans junk food advertising

Back in April 2019, the Queensland government announced it would be banning junk food advertising on all outdoor media sites owned by the Government. This will apply to around 2,000 billboard sites across the Sunshine State, making it more difficult for the big Out of Home (OOH) companies such as JC Decaux and APN Outdoor to find advertisers.

Whilst we commend the efforts to curb childhood obesity, we must agree with JCDecaux Australia’ chief executive Steve O'Connor that this ban is a superficial band-aid to the problem. We call on the government(s) to tackle junk food advertising at every level including in-store, on TV advertising and on digital platforms such as Facebook.

Mr O'Connor suggests that instead, a ban on advertising around schools would be preferable and is something that has already been successfully executed with alcohol advertising. What does this mean for independently owned billboard sites?

For now, these sites are not being regulated and in fact we predict a higher demand for advertising on these sites placing the owners of ground leases in a strong position to negotiate a lease buyout with LDC Infrastructure. For more information, submit your contact information here and we’ll contact you.