About Us

As one of Australia’s leading lease and rental rights acquisition companies, we help our clients achieve greater financial security. Whether you own a telecom, billboard or wind turbine ground lease, we provide the expertise and experience to help you understand the market value of your lease rights, and provide you with the ability to obtain strategic capital by selling your lease rights.

At LDC Infrastructure, we specialise in unlocking the hidden value in your asset. Instead of receiving monthly or annual rent payments, what if you had the upfront cash to reallocate to more profitable investments:

• Residential/Commercial real estate
• Shares
• Your own business
• Paying down expensive debt

A Fair Value. We understand and recognise the fair value of your lease rights. Unlike traditional lenders who, due to inherent risks, often don’t place a value on telecom, wind turbine or billboard leases, we see the value in these assets. We have worked with many property owners just like you, and we have the expertise you require.

A High Payout. Our customised structures and tailored solutions allow us to provide you with a significant lump sum which reflects the true value of your lease. Once your lease rights purchase is complete, you receive a lump-sum payment in full. It provides a way for you to turn your unsecured lease into cash that can be used for any purpose.

A Reduction in Risk. Most ground leases can be terminated at any time with short notice. You can eliminate this risk by selling your lease rights for an upfront cash payment. Through transaction with LDC Infrastructure, you only transfer certain lease rights to us, not your property. You retain full ownership of your land so you can build long-term value and net worth.