Telecom Lease

What is a telecom lease? It’s a lease that allows a wireless telecom provider to construct and operate a telecom tower on a property owner’s land or rooftop for a set period of time. The telecom operator pays the property owner rent on a regular basis (usually monthly, quarterly or annually) for the right to continue to operate the telecom tower on the property.

How are telecom tower leases valued? Radio frequency engineers in the telecom industry determine the locations of new towers based on the needs of their networks. Telecom tower rental rates are determined by how critical a tower location is to maintain wireless network coverage in a given area.

If you receive rent for a Telstra, Optus, Vodafone or NBN telecom tower or rooftop antenna on your property, LDC Infrastructure is interested in speaking to you about a telecom tower lease buyout. If your site qualifies, we’re interested in buying your telecom lease rights for a significant, lump sum cash payment. Other tenants are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

We have extensive experience in this sector because telecom site lease buyouts are our core business. Our executive management team actually pioneered the telecom lease acquisition industry. We buy numerous telecom leases every year, always providing a tailored solution to the property owner.

Why should you sell your telecom lease rights? The decision to sell your telecom tower lease may be driven by the need to cover a critical and immediate financial need. Other property owners sell their telecom lease rights to use the proceeds for a real estate, securities or other type of investment.

The exciting news is that you can tap the hidden value of your telecom lease rights while simultaneously eliminating risk of a site decommissioning or rent reduction. LDC Infrastructure offers an immediate cash payment in exchange for your lease rights.


Even if you don’t need cash right now, doesn’t it make sense to know the value of your lease rights? If your site meets our criteria, we can provide you with a no obligation analysis and valuation. Please call us at 1300 149 449 or
click here to submit your information online so that we may contact you.