The Acquisition Process

At LDC Infrastructure, we close lease rights buyout transactions quickly and efficiently – typically in 30 days. We can achieve this goal because every document and procedure we use has been designed specifically for lease buyout transactions, and has already been fine-tuned from more than 4,000 asset purchases worlwide.

The LDC Infrastructure team has years of experience in the infrastructure-lease industry in the areas of legal, underwriting, closing, and servicing transactions. This means you benefit from our expertise, knowledge and transparency.

Selling your ground lease rights to LDC Infrastructure is a three stage process:

1. Initial Review. Our team works with you to complete an assessment of your site. We conduct a comprehensive analysis and review of factors such as site location, tenant, site type, rental rate, lease structure, comparable rent market analysis, area demographics, and more. There is no charge for our consultation, and no obligation on your part.

2. Detailed Proposal. We map out the details of converting your lease rights into a lump-sum payment, and provide you with a comprehensive, tailored proposal that includes the terms that will address your specialised needs. We provide guidance every step of the way, answering your questions and ensuring that the process is as transparent, easy and efficient as possible.

3. Closing and Funding. A dedicated, experienced team will be assigned to your transaction and will use standardised documentation to conduct due diligence through a series of checklists, and then process, document, and finalise your transaction. At every point in time, you will know exactly where your transaction stands and what we are doing to complete it. By leveraging our experience and advanced technology, LDC Infrastructure works hard to create an easy and straightforward closing process which is simple, efficient, and satisfying for our clients.


Even if you don’t need cash right now, doesn’t it make sense to know the value of your lease rights? If your site meets our criteria, we can provide you with a no obligation analysis and valuation. Please call us at 1300 149 499 or
click here to submit your information online so that we may contact you.